Our philosophy has remained the same for 25 years: agents need to meet prospects in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible. We focus on creating opportunities for you to sell your products and meet your goals.


ARM proudly boasts the most competitive prices in our industry! By owning our own production facility and carefully managing operation costs, we're able to pass that value on to our clients. Excellent per thousand pricing combined with high pull percentages provide our agents with an attractive cost per lead. 

+ No pricing games

+ All formats are included 

+ 100% exclusive leads


To compliment our value, we have over 23 years of experience in the senior marketing industry. Our account managers will help develop a marketing plan to reach your goals!

+ High Pulling pieces

+ Targeted Mailings

+ Fresh Data with each order


Today's agents not only need leads, they need leads delivered in a manner that helps them stay organized and make the most out of every opportunity! Our Lead Dashboard provides a streamlined lead delivery system along with a CRM for agents. 

+ Dashboard included with all mailings

+ Real time delivery

+ Manage your pipeline


So I have questions…


What types of leads do you sell?

Our direct marketing services are specialized for the senior market. We have numerous samples of leads for senior products such as: Medicare Supplement, Final Expense, Long Term Care, Living Trusts, and Annuities/Probate. Call or email us to get more information sent out with the above-mentioned samples.

What does your turn-key mailing price include?

Our price includes: the names to mail to with age and income selection; forms, printing and mail shop services, response postage and handling; scanning and uploading PDF images of your leads DAILY and mailing the leads to you on a weekly basis.

There are many other agents that I know are mailing the areas I want to mail. Do you all multiple orders in the same areas at the same time?

There are many other agents that I know are mailing the areas I want to mail. Do you allow multiple orders in the same areas at the same time?

No, ARM Leads protects the names you mail for 60 days based on the program. We do not allow any other customer to mail those same names for 60 days, which should allow you plenty of time to start getting leads back, and start working them. Those names are yours for 60 days.

How long will it take to start getting leads?

From the time your order is finalized and payment is received, you should start receiving leads in an average of 13 business days from order date (if mailing bulk) or an average of 7 business days (if mailing 1st class).

How can I pay for the leads?

We accept most forms of payment: check, money order, cashier’s check, American Express, MasterCard, Visa and Discover and even ACH and electronic check. Paying by credit card can get your order started immediately.

Do you choose the age and income seletcs to mail to or can I specify what demographics I am looking for?

Every customer gets to specify his/her own demographic preferences. Our mailing prices include: exact age selection, income selection, dwelling type selection (i.e. Omit PO Boxes or only single family dwellings). Additional selections, like marital status, gender, ethnicity and homeowners, are available at an additional charge.

Phone numbers are important to me. Do you guarantee 100% or my replies will have filled out their phone numbers?

No, we cannot guarantee that 100% of consumers will fill out their phone number. However, we can provide alternate solutions. We can mail to "phone verified" names, which are names known to have a phone number and the phone number should be listed if they do not fill it out. Selecting "phone verified" names is an option and required an SAN. If you would prefer to have the phone number that we have on file for the prospect pre-printed on the card, we can pre-print their number in reverse on the lead card prior to mailing for an additional fee of $25 per 1,000 and a waiver to "only contact those people that respond to the mailer" is required.

Are the phone numbers on your lists scrubbed against the Do Not Call list?

Yes, our phones are scrubbed against both federal and state Do Not Call lists on a monthly basis.

Can I get a duplicate list of the names you are maling to with their phone numbers on the list?

Yes! ARM sells the duplicate hard copy list. You also have the option of receiving your duplicate electronically (email). Duplicate lists can come with additional output options such as phone numbers, month/year of birth, income keycoded and more. Let your sales rep know specifically what you would like to receive.

Are your leads available on a per lead basis?

No, we currently do not offer a per lead option... our pricing is per 1,000 pieces mailed. Whatever number of leads come in from the mailing are yours and are forwarded to you each week, but we are partnered with a company we trust implicitly. 

Are my leads available electronically?

Yes, we upload leads daily. You will be assigned a user name and password that can be used to sign in to our MyLeads site to check. You can view, print or save your leads to your computer. We also offer a full contact management software solution, Dashboard.


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