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"Two Army Privates are raking leaves outside the Battalion HQ...and guess what? One of them is in charge of raking leaves!" - Tom Deierlein

Accountability. As you are delegating specific tasks to different people they should have a sense of "If I don't do this task, no one will". This will ensure that tasks are completed timely and to satisfaction.​


Avoid the bare minimum. Just because most lead companies have a minimum quantity per order - does not mean you should stick to it! Instead, consider this: how many additional leads are you needing per week/month? Then let's crunch some numbers to determine your most effective quantity.
Order leads on a monthly basis. Our most successful agents never struggle when it comes to the need for leads - they make sure their flow never runs dry by ordering consistently.
Know your market. We work with the top data provider in the US. We have kept statistics for over 20 years so we know what demographics to use when targeting specific product sales!
Let the leads come to you. Don't waste time cold calling! Work with warm leads from prospects with a genuine interest in your products.
Set goals. Our most successful agents know exactly what they need to do each day to achieve their goals. When one is not working towards a goal, they have a tendency to procrastinate and let opportunities slip away. Calling on fresh leads the moment you get them increases your chances of closing!
Work smart, not hard. "It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results" - Warren Buffet. Let us do all of the hard work while you focus on producing and growing your business.
Why direct mail? Mail is the most effective way to reach seniors. Mail is tangible. Because direct mail is essentially delivered directly to the prospects’ hands, they are virtually guaranteed to see and read your message.
Direct Mail VS Internet Leads. Did you know that internet leads are commonly a result of someone accidentally clicking an advertisement while surfing the web? This "prospect" is then bombarded by solicitations from multiple agents trying to earn their business. Direct mail provides warm leads from prospects with a genuine interest in your products!
Know your next steps. Direct mail is not designed to be "one and done". Often times the most successful agents have to make multiple impressions by sending multiple mailers over a period of time. Our most successful agents are committed to mailing consistently.
Quote of the month! "Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later." - Tony Robbins
Quality over Quantity. Our leads are designed to yield genuine responses.
Did you know? According to an online survey a whopping 98% of consumers open their mail the day it's delivered and 77% of them sort their mail immediately.
Quote of the Month! "The secret to getting ahead is getting started" - Mark Twain
Why are direct mail leads the best? Someone who takes the time to open, read, fill out and return a piece of mail means the prospect is engaged and wants to know more. They have a genuine interest in learning more about your products.
Lead Distribution: Not only do we offer a state-of-the-art CRM (included in your base price) but we also have the ability to export leads directly to your CRM - both of which will save you time and money. Ask me how today!
Quote of the Month! "Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear." - George Addair. By purchasing a direct mail campaign, you're removing the fear from prospecting! Our program is prospecting made easy.
Direct Mail vs Email Leads: Though technology is advancing everyday, direct mail marketing still proves to be more effective than email marketing. I have compiled a couple of reasons below.
Inbox overload - We all know someone with 1,028 unread emails in their inbox. Don't be one of those unread emails.
Variety - With an email, you have to rely on a catchy subject to intrigue the prospect. With direct mail, there are multiple ways to just that! Using different looks format, message,, headlines, etc, all stand out in the mail and are more likely to be opened.
Trusted Account Managers: Our expert account managers will design a marketing plan with one goal in mind: Your Success. We will discuss the number of leads you need every week to reach your sales goals and oversee your account to ensure success. Call us today to learn more!


The Annual Enrollment Period is a vital time for insurance agents. Not only does this time drum up business October through December but well into the new year too! Direct mail is the most effective way to reach seniors so be sure to order your mailing by September 1st - during AEP the earlier you mail the better.


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2. Develop Plan 

Develop your Marketing plan by thinking “big picture.” Determine the number of leads you need each week to achieve your sales goals, select a message, and then we work with you to determine the best prospects to target. 

3. Campaign Starts

Take a deep breath and relax while we take care of the rest. From fulfillment to distribution, let us handle the campaign so you can fill your calendar and plan to spend more time doing what makes money selling!

Meet the Team

Our number one goal, when opening ARM over 25 years ago, was to help agents grow their business and be successful. We found our niche in the market by partnering with people just like you and tailoring our campaigns to fit your business needs. Beginning to end we handle everything, so you can focus on what you do best, selling! 

We’ve worked hard over the years to develop a system from start to finish that is not only easy to use, but straight forward and effective..

In addition to great prices and proven programs, we offer expert account management and guidance that will help you achieve the results you need to reach your goals.

We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of technology. We want leads in your hands as fast as humanly possible. By way of a state-of-the-art proprietary dashboard, we added other services directly related to core business needs that proves we are reinventing the way direct mail functions.

Efficiency and convenience are paramount as we provide you with a turn-key service. You can see more customers in less time as you grow your book of business. We look forward to working with you!

Tom Hennessy



“ARM has me on pace for 96 new clients this year thanks to consistent monthly mailings and a great return rate”

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“My cost per lead is as low as $6 for exclusive leads. That is a great return on investment.”

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